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Leading Experts in Leadership Facilitation

With over 40 years of combined experience in professional ​development and training, our hands-on, high-impact, training ​sessions provide experiential opportunities for individuals and groups ​through mentoring, curriculum development, and instructional ​design

Our Miss​ion

Our mission is to foster intentional and purposeful growth through ​training that embraces unconditional regard for each individual's ​potential. We strive for completeness in our approach, driven by ​altruism and a commitment to creating lasting impact. By building ​trust and genuine connection, we empower professionals to reach ​new heights in their careers and personal development.

Learning through Service

The connecting space provides international and local community engagement and service trips to build teamwork, connection, and camaraderie.

Quote from one of our clients: “This service-learning training helped me learn the importance of connecting with my team to solve unforeseen issues and problem-solve in the moment. Invaluable experience to take back to my workspace.”

Corporate Partnerships

We work with education, healthcare, and private industry to cultivate optimal learning environments for employees and their organizations. Our primary partnerships center on human resources, curriculum and training, continuing education, and healthcare.

Quote from a client: “The experience provided invaluable situational training to take back to my corporate team and apply skills such as assessing the communication skills of my team and our abilities to provide hands-on skill assessments and better problem-solve for a multitude of crises.”